How Does This Work?

We record the performance and create the files requested. You and your family do the rest.

This Family viewing tool allows you to watch your recital video from any internet enabled device. Watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart TV, etc.  When you log on and create your account.  This will give you access to the items selected in your shopping cart which are products selected for access to your show(s) online.

Our way of thinking!

  • Quality – Great quality,  recitals are presented in High Def video.slide2
  • Cost – The fee per account is typically less than the price of a recital DVD.
  • Availability – Watch your video from anywhere in the World – as long as you have internet access.  Standard access charges with your provided may be charged, but we recommend using your WiFi…it’s free!
  • Sharing – If you have family in Iowa, Kansas, Alaska or overseas who you want to view your video to, they too can log in on your account.
  • DVDs – You can still order a DVD if you want one, but for only $35, unless special performance which are $45 (each account this year comes with one free DVD with each subscription, subject to $7 shipping).
  • Who can view?– Anyone with your user name and password can access the videos that were subscribed.You will only be billed for the performance packages selected 1 time in a calendar year.

Some Online viewing performances may not be posted due to music artists copyright guidelines. All sessions are on the DVD. 

Remember, DVDs or online viewing should be completed 10 – 14 business days from the recital or performance.  In some cases it may be longer or sooner.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Video Team